II Liceum Ogólnokształcące

Class profiles 2022/2023

Class A with extended mathematics and IT

This class could be a great choice for people interested in computers, namely it puts emphasis on writing codes and enables students to learn about different programming languages, which can be crucial in the modern job market. Furthermore, it prepares students for final examinations in mathematics, IT and physics. The graduates of this class can study not only at technical universities but those traditional ones as well.

Class B with elements of journalism

This class is centred on social studies and humanities, so it’s perfect for everyone interested in pursuing careers in humanistic fields. It prepares students for final exams in history, Polish and English. Additionally, workshops on journalism will be provided in the first, second and third year to give insight into the work, which could be useful to those thinking about working in media. The graduates of this class can also study subjects such as law, philology or psychology.


Class C medical with extended English

If you want to become a doctor, a biotechnologist or a dietician, this class is definitely for you!  By choosing this class, you could deepen your knowledge of biology, chemistry and grasp the basics of research and observation. In this class, special emphasis is placed on shaping pro-health and pro-environmental attitudes. What is more, it prepares students not only for final exams in chemistry and biology, but in English as well, which can be useful while applying for studies abroad.


Class D with business elements

This class is for youngsters with diverse interests that range from nature and protecting the environment to economy. It prepares for final exams in geography, mathematics and English. Additionally, students of this class would have the possibility to participate in special classes on entrepreneurship to give them tools to start their own businesses in the future. What’s more, if you have still not decided on your career path, graduating from this class would enable you to study many different subjects such as finance and accounting, architecture or tourism.


Class E  medical-natural science with elements of cosmetology

This class is created for people with a passion for chemistry. Students acknowledge the basis of medicine and analyse methods of using and creating cosmetic preparations. It educates students on the medical-chemical and esthetic-cosmetological levels, which after graduation enable students to continue education in the field of medicine, chemistry or cosmetology.


Class F philological

This class develops students’ philological, linguistic, cultural and literary interests. It prepares students for final examinations in Polish, English and German. It also introduces them to Latin, which is the basis for most languages spoken in Europe. This specialisation allows students to study humanities and philology in Poland or abroad. Moreover, knowledge of languages is highly valued on the job market, so if you like languages and learning about other cultures, this class is for you.


Class G sporting championship

This class is divided into two groups - the first group, whose program and aims are very similar to class D, and  the second group based on class C program. No matter which group you have applied to, this class is for real sports freaks. All kinds of extracurricular sports activities and training allow students to develop their athleticism and specialise in different sports. Furthermore, depending on which group you belong to, you can continue your education by going to university to specialise in a particular field.


Autor: Uczennice kl. 3f: Kinga Szymańska, Julia Kozłowska, Natalia Wojtaszek