II Liceum Ogólnokształcące

Erasmus+ 2017/2018

In the 2017/2018 school year, a group of teachers from our High School no 2 in Przemysl (II LO) challenged themselves to apply for the Erasmus+ “Mobility of Staff in School Education” project. Indeed, after lots of collaborative effort our highly-qualified teachers qualified into this international project. Within the project, 16 teachers from our school will take part in methodical, methodical-linguistic, linguistic and specialist courses abroad.

The main and most important aims of Erasmus+ project, which II LO is trying to achieve are

  • improving teachers’ competence and skills
  • enhancing teachers’ language skills (English and German)
  • promoting linguistic diversity and cross-cultural awareness
  • implementing new teaching methods and toolsin multinational cooperation
  • strengthening the European dimension of the school and its international reach.


In the course of our daily work we take care of the best possible development of our students. We believe that the participation of our teachers in the implementation of the Erasmus+ project is a major element of their personal growth as well as their students.

Websites related with Erasmus+ project:

  1. FanPage na Facebooku
  2. Relacje z wyjazdów w ramach Erasmusa+ Courses reports


Translation: Martyna Kokocka, Wiktoria Kalityńska, Wiktoria Pogorzelec 3f